Monday, 22 November 2010

November 3rd Update

This must be stretching the realms of the possible three updates in a month. So what have I been painting now.

First up are some Barbarians, mainly from Battlezone Miniatures carried by the Terrain Warehouse. These will hopefully come in useful when we play Broadsword Adventures next.

These are 15mm GZG figures to be used in a Post Apocalypse game, still trying to find a suitable ruleset. I fancy setting the game in an alternate 1970s Britain.

The 1970s theme is in keeping with the two cars I've converted so far, a Mark I Cortina and a Humber Snipe. Both are from Oxford Diecast, which although 1:76 in scale seem to suit the 15mm figures. Now just to find someone who makes a 1:76 Austin Princess and Allegro.

Cheers Steve

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

November 2nd Update

After several months of little activity, I've now managed two postings within a month, in fact within a week. This is one faction I've been working on for a Black Powder/Lace punk game. Most of the figures are Rackham, the one on the right is from the Malifaux range.
This is the second faction for the BPP/Lacepunk game. I think these are all Warmachine figures. At the moment we are looking at using the Gloire rules for the game, but it's early days yet.

This is the final figures for Warwicks contingent in the Towton game. These are Sir Thomas St. Leger on the left and Sir Robert Ogle, Lord Ogle on the right.

This is the completed contingent of Warwick's.
So what's next on my painting board. Well I've got some 6mm Great Northern War Russians undercoated and ready. Also some 28mm Barbarians and some more BPP/Lacepunk figures ready as well.

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

November Update

It's quite a while, yet again, since I updated the blog. So what have I been up to for the last few months.
These are some GW LotRs orcs and a troll, plus a goblin I picked up which should do as an Ogre. These will come useful for our ongoing Warrior Heroes: Armies and Adventures games. I still have a pile of orcs left over to paint another time. They were all picked up cheaply at charity shops and carboot sales, other than the troll, which I paid full price for.
We are also looking at playing some Gloire soon and these Pirates have been sitting around for just such an occassion. Now I've just got to read the rules, build the scenery....... All the figureas are from Black Scorpion's Pirate range.

These are the 6mm Orcs to join the nations for our Warrior Heroes campaign. Although with the imminent release of 'Rally Round The King', Two Hour Wargames updated ruleset, these may become our new rules. All the figures are Irregular Miniatures fantasy.

Continuing on with the Warrior Heroes armies this is the Altengard force. Again all the figures are Irregular miniatures from their C16th Italian Wars range. The Altengard forces are roughly based on an Imperial German army.

This is my contribution to the Yorkist side of our Towton project and is Warwick's command, as you can see I still have another 8 bases to finish. All the figures for the Towton project are from Baccus.

Finally these are the Protolene figures from Critical Mass Games, the vehicles are by Old Crow Models. We seem to have used a variety of rulesets for 15mm SciFi and still haven't really settled on one yet.
So what's next on the paint board. Well the last 8 stands for Towton will be next. After that there are several backburner project I'd like to start/finish, but more of them as and when they get going.

Friday, 23 July 2010

July Update

Well it doesn't seem 5 months since I last updated, sorry about the delay. Well here's a rough idea of what I've got painted up. On top of this there is also a chunk of Towton 6mm which can be seen on the Towton Blog.
These are the Sahadeen from Rebel Minis, together with 2 Old Crow Vehicles. These have had a brief outing in our 5150 games.

These are Alien Mercenaries from GZG. I've been using them as Grath, again in 5150. They proved themselves to be quite useful.

These are Aliens from GZG again. These have yet to see action, maybe for our next 5150 game.

These are three figures I've painted up for a Black Powder Punk game which is still in the pipeline.

This is my Werewolf warband for Chaos in Carpathia.

These are the Swords of Ra which I've been using in Chaos in Cairo.

These last two have been sitting around half painted for a while now, so I finally had a push this week and finished them. All the models are from Brigade Models, except the two airships which are plastic Hindenburg kits. This is the British Fleet.

Finally this is the German Aeronef fleet.
Hopefully it won't be so long until my next update.

Sunday, 14 February 2010

February Update

It's been a fairly busy month so far and the painting has gone quite well.
I attended Vapnartak and bought a few things while I was there. I bought some Martians from Ironclad Miniatures, which I intend to use as The Swords of Ra, in Chaos in Cairo. They will require a little altering, but hopefully should look the part. I also got the Gripping Beast Ben Yusef and Imam for the same game, as well as the Teutonic Grandmaster pack for Warrior Heroes: Armies and Adventures. The Vampire Wars figures from West Wind will also complement the Werewolves I finished this month. Finally I bought some 6mm Wagons from Irregular and the Baggage Train pack from Baccus.

This is the completed battle for the Duke of Exeter in the ongoing Towton Project. I've finally finished the Welles and Viscount Beaumont contingents and added flags and banners to the rest. This just leaves the command base to complete. I am currently painting the Baccus wagons for the Battle of Blore Heath, which we shall be putting on at Triples this year. This will keep the interest going in the Towton Project and give us a chance to try the rules out.
This is the completed warband for the werewolves in Chaos in Carpathia. Hopefully this week we shall be playing Chaos in Cairo. I shall be using a Mummy warband made up of Wargods figures.
This month I also bought 15 Griffin Spearmen and 2 leaders. This leads to a dilemma, as they were prepaints, do they go in the bought and painted?

Sunday, 10 January 2010

January Already

It's January and I haven't put an entry on since September, but I have been keeping reasonably with my painting, but having a fault with the camera hasn't helped. Anyway here's what I 've been up to, plua I've set the counters back to zero to see how my painting/buying ratio goes this year.

First off I finished the Artizan cult members I picked up at the Other Partizan, along with this years free figure, Clyde.

The next new game we will be trying out in 2010 is going to be Chaos in Carpathia and also Chaos in Cairo. This is the beginning of my Werewolf warband. The wolves are D&D miniatures, the werewolf on the left Dr Who and the one on the right Mage Knight.

One of my big projects during the past few months was to get my Eaters force ready for the annual Wargods tournament in Canterbury. These figures will also form the basis of my Mummy warband for Chaos in Cairo.

Finally the big project I've been busy with is the Towton Project, I've managed to get some more finished for this and am well on the way to finishing my first battle.
Plans for the coming year include more 15mm Sci-Fi, I have some Critical Mass Game figures ready to paint, as well as some GZG aliens. Finishing my Werewolf and Mummy warband for the Chaos games.
See you soon