Thursday, 23 February 2012

Albion Forever

In the last of these three entries we have the latest updates to the Forces of Albion, for our ongoing Sci-Fi campaign.
As Albion pushes into space, the role of policing the spaceways, requires a special force. With this in mind the Albion Space Service was created. On the right we see the regular forces and on the left the Powered suits.
These are the Galahad Knights a unit whose members work solo or in small groups behind enemy lines.
These are the first two aircraft of the Albion Air Force.
And finally we have the heavy stuff. On the right the artillery and on the left the new jump capable power armour.

Warheads and Saxons

For Christmas I got some of Urban Mammoth's Warheads figures. I've been looking at these for a while and couldn't quite decide about the cartoony sculpts. I'm a definite convert they are full of character and easy to paint. Now to get around to playing the game.
This is the beginnings of my Saxon Army for Impetus. Hopefully they should get to be used in anger soon. February has been a bad month for playing games :-(.

Black Powder Punk Game Getting there

This is the first two complete pieces of terrain for our Black Powder Punk Game (BPP). Hopefully we should be playing this in the very near future. It is set in the 1700s on the fictitious continent of Pacifica. This has been colonised by the royalist exiles from the English Civil War. More on the background when the game is played.
This is the new terrain with it's wharf at the front and warehouse.

These two picture show some of the figures for the game, including the Topknots who are native to the land and are plant based.