Wednesday, 17 November 2010

November 2nd Update

After several months of little activity, I've now managed two postings within a month, in fact within a week. This is one faction I've been working on for a Black Powder/Lace punk game. Most of the figures are Rackham, the one on the right is from the Malifaux range.
This is the second faction for the BPP/Lacepunk game. I think these are all Warmachine figures. At the moment we are looking at using the Gloire rules for the game, but it's early days yet.

This is the final figures for Warwicks contingent in the Towton game. These are Sir Thomas St. Leger on the left and Sir Robert Ogle, Lord Ogle on the right.

This is the completed contingent of Warwick's.
So what's next on my painting board. Well I've got some 6mm Great Northern War Russians undercoated and ready. Also some 28mm Barbarians and some more BPP/Lacepunk figures ready as well.

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