Wednesday, 10 November 2010

November Update

It's quite a while, yet again, since I updated the blog. So what have I been up to for the last few months.
These are some GW LotRs orcs and a troll, plus a goblin I picked up which should do as an Ogre. These will come useful for our ongoing Warrior Heroes: Armies and Adventures games. I still have a pile of orcs left over to paint another time. They were all picked up cheaply at charity shops and carboot sales, other than the troll, which I paid full price for.
We are also looking at playing some Gloire soon and these Pirates have been sitting around for just such an occassion. Now I've just got to read the rules, build the scenery....... All the figureas are from Black Scorpion's Pirate range.

These are the 6mm Orcs to join the nations for our Warrior Heroes campaign. Although with the imminent release of 'Rally Round The King', Two Hour Wargames updated ruleset, these may become our new rules. All the figures are Irregular Miniatures fantasy.

Continuing on with the Warrior Heroes armies this is the Altengard force. Again all the figures are Irregular miniatures from their C16th Italian Wars range. The Altengard forces are roughly based on an Imperial German army.

This is my contribution to the Yorkist side of our Towton project and is Warwick's command, as you can see I still have another 8 bases to finish. All the figures for the Towton project are from Baccus.

Finally these are the Protolene figures from Critical Mass Games, the vehicles are by Old Crow Models. We seem to have used a variety of rulesets for 15mm SciFi and still haven't really settled on one yet.
So what's next on the paint board. Well the last 8 stands for Towton will be next. After that there are several backburner project I'd like to start/finish, but more of them as and when they get going.


  1. All brilliant stuff, Steve. The Protolene look particularly good and I lurve the Old Crow vehicles. I shall add Altengard and the Orcs to the WH campaign map so they can join in next campaign year.

  2. Thanks for that I've just added Old Crow to the links and the post.