Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Game Report - Tusk II Capture King Kong

I managed to have a solo game of Tusk II Capture King Kong tonight. I've played a couple of games of Tusk before, so knew the basic game. Tusk II adds a few new parts to the game.
Here's the board layout with Kong at the side by the wall. Captain Peppard C Thrushmore and his Swedish 1st mate Olaf Kumhardy are escaping from Kong with the lovely Ann de Sandneys. Coming to their aid are two companies of sailors and a couple of groups of native warriors.
On the first turn I roll a five on the action points. This allows me to move 5 units. Ann heads towards the sailors and away from Kong. While the Captain, Olaf, sailors and natives head towards Kong. Kong rolls on the reaction table and charges towards Olaf. Also on the reaction table the domestic animals are split with one group grazing, while the others run away.
Turn 2 I roll a 1 on the action points and move one unit of sailors. The Captain throws a gas grenade, this attack has no effect on Kong, but he does retreat back to the gate.
The wind blows the gas cloud on the next turn. Unfortunately Olaf is in the way and is promptly knocked out. The Captain shoots at Kong, causing him to retreat beyond the gate. The next turn the wind has changed and blows the gas cloud onto Kong, this time knocking him out
All in all a fun game and all done in an hour. There was a little flitting between books for the right tables and in future I'll probably combine them on a single sheet.
I've also got Tusk III and the Exterminate! set in 15mm, this sets the Professor and Queen Elizabeth against robotic dustbins. Hopefully I'll soon have these painted and another report coming soon.

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

June Progress

One of the few things I got at Salute was the 6mm Tusk set 'Capture King Kong' from Irregular Miniatures. Actually they didn't have it on the day, but posted it through the next week. I've finally got around to finishing the last few bases. At the back we have Kong himself. On the back row (L to R) are the 2 heroes and heroine with 4 stands of sailors; 7 stands of native dependants and 6 stands of natives with hand weapons, together with 4 native heroes. On the middle row we have sheep and cattle plus the native missile stands. At the front on the left are the firemakers and shamen. Capture King Kong is a solo game, so hopefully I should soon play it and have a report on the site.

For my recent birthday, my long suffering wife bought me the Land Ironclads, War of 1890 Starter set, from Brigade Models. This comes with British and German forces, dice, bases and a rulebook. It's very good value for money and will hopefully be a fun game, both on it's own and combined with Aeronef. The only slight gripe is it would be nice to have the starter set without the rulebook, as I already had a rulebook. Again hopefully we'll soon be able to fit a game of this into our busy gaming schedule.

These are some Zorgls, again purchased at Salute, from East Riding Miniatures. I'll be using these in the Lacepunk skirmish game, when I get around to finishing terrain and the background. More on that in the next post, honest.

Star Wars 1917

Every so often I have a silly idea, sometimes these come to fruition. This is one of them. After looking at the Towton terrain, I thought how good it would look as terrain for the end of the first Star Wars film. Rather than just do that I decided to set it in an alternate WWI. These are my first attempts at comvertions for it. On the left is the Albatross Tie fighter hybrid and on the right the Sopwith Camel X-wing. The Camel will fly backwards to give it the right look. More on this as it happens.

Finally the latest on the Rather Small Skirmish Project. I've completed 4 houses with detachable roofs, some ruins and a few trees. The Houses and ruins are balsa and the trees are old GW stock. All have magnetic strip on the bottom. I still have a few more figures to paint and my friend Ruarigh is chipping in with some Barbarian/Viking figures from the new Baccus range. The game should be up and running for it's first outing at the Baccus gamesday in July.



Wednesday, 1 June 2011

A Rather Small Skirmish Project

After the size and expense of 'The Rather Large Towton Project', Ruarigh and I decided the next project should be something smaller, cheaper and easier to transport. Thus the rather small skirmish project was started. These will be 6mm skirmish games, with all the peices needed being in a small box.
This is the first box. It is a 300mm x 300mm box with a thin steel sheet glued to the bottom. This is then covered with a decorative sheet. In the bottom I've used a granite effect (above) and in the top a green velor (below).
All the terrain and eventually the figures will have magnetic bases. Hopefully this will reduce figures going flying or terrain moving. It also means you are not stuck with one set of terrain or terrain stuck in the same positions
I'm currently looking at using the Broadsword Adventure rules. Hopefully by The Baccus games day it should be ready to game on, with more terrain made and figures painted. I'm hoping to have 3 different scenarios which can be played on the day.
Just to show the terrain is movable here it is on the 'grass' board.

Aeronefs Over The Aegean Part 2

I finished the terrain for Aeronefs over the Aegean last week, but this is the first chance I've had to get the photos onto the blog. We'll be using a bigger table when we actually play the game, probably in a few weeks time. The basic construction is hardboard with polystyrene ceiling tiles on top.
This is an overall view of the terrain, I've a few more islands to give a bit of variety.
A close up of the city, not sure whether I should have made it flatter.
A view from another angle.