Sunday, 14 February 2010

February Update

It's been a fairly busy month so far and the painting has gone quite well.
I attended Vapnartak and bought a few things while I was there. I bought some Martians from Ironclad Miniatures, which I intend to use as The Swords of Ra, in Chaos in Cairo. They will require a little altering, but hopefully should look the part. I also got the Gripping Beast Ben Yusef and Imam for the same game, as well as the Teutonic Grandmaster pack for Warrior Heroes: Armies and Adventures. The Vampire Wars figures from West Wind will also complement the Werewolves I finished this month. Finally I bought some 6mm Wagons from Irregular and the Baggage Train pack from Baccus.

This is the completed battle for the Duke of Exeter in the ongoing Towton Project. I've finally finished the Welles and Viscount Beaumont contingents and added flags and banners to the rest. This just leaves the command base to complete. I am currently painting the Baccus wagons for the Battle of Blore Heath, which we shall be putting on at Triples this year. This will keep the interest going in the Towton Project and give us a chance to try the rules out.
This is the completed warband for the werewolves in Chaos in Carpathia. Hopefully this week we shall be playing Chaos in Cairo. I shall be using a Mummy warband made up of Wargods figures.
This month I also bought 15 Griffin Spearmen and 2 leaders. This leads to a dilemma, as they were prepaints, do they go in the bought and painted?

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