Monday, 22 November 2010

November 3rd Update

This must be stretching the realms of the possible three updates in a month. So what have I been painting now.

First up are some Barbarians, mainly from Battlezone Miniatures carried by the Terrain Warehouse. These will hopefully come in useful when we play Broadsword Adventures next.

These are 15mm GZG figures to be used in a Post Apocalypse game, still trying to find a suitable ruleset. I fancy setting the game in an alternate 1970s Britain.

The 1970s theme is in keeping with the two cars I've converted so far, a Mark I Cortina and a Humber Snipe. Both are from Oxford Diecast, which although 1:76 in scale seem to suit the 15mm figures. Now just to find someone who makes a 1:76 Austin Princess and Allegro.

Cheers Steve

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