Monday, 9 July 2012

Star Wars 1917: A Brave New Hope

While looking at the terrain for the Battle of Towton, the idea came up for using it as a canyon for the Star Wars destroy the Deathstar. I thought it would look good being set in 1917 with biplanes. Here's what I managed to achieve.

The Good Guys

On the left is Sir Lucas Wingwalker's Sopwith X-wing. On the right is Red's DH2 Y-Wing.

The Bad Guys

On the left is the Albatross Tie fighter and on the right Baron Von Vader, the Black Baron's Fokker Tri-fighter.

The Deathstar balloon and guard.

Close up showing the Emperor and his personnal guard, as well as two units of Imperial Guard.

All the models are 1:72. We are going to use the rules from Wings of War to play the game. Hopefully it may make an appearance at Baccus's Gamesday on Sunday 22nd July. Provided we finish The Battle of Towton early enough.


  1. Looking forward to trying this. The models look great.

  2. All ready to go to the Gamesday now.