Friday, 26 June 2009

Albion Defence Force 6mm Finished

The Albion system was founded by explorers from the British Commonwealth. Over the years the history of the original countries has become intertwined with their myths and legends. To this ends King Arthur is now seen as the first King of Albion, a kingdom which covered England, Scotland, Wales, the West Indies, large sections of the Indian subcontinent and Nepal.
The system is ruled by Monarch, currently King Gawain XXI, who is selected by the mysterious ‘sword pulling contest’. They are advised by an elected group called the ‘Round Table’.
On the whole Albion is a peace loving system, although martial skills are highly prized. They have a small, but well equipped and trained standing army. All other citizens are part of the Albion Defence Militia and have to train for at least 1 week every year.
The Air support is provided by Urien Mark IV troop carriers and Merlin Mark V Ground Attack Craft.
The Infantry are shown standing next to the Guinevere APCs. In front are the Tristan scout cars.

The Mechanised Armour Brigade featuring the Lancelot Mark IX MBT, the Camelot Mark VII MBT, the Percival Mark II Tank and the Uthur Mark XII Light tank.

The Power Armoured Unit of Infantry, commonly known as ‘The Pendragons’ with their Gringolet APCs Mark XII & XIV. In front of these are the Ghurkha unit with the Everest Mark V APCs.

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