Sunday, 10 May 2009

Late Again. April Finally Finished

Well it's ten days into May and I've just finished April's Project. This leaves me wearing the Dunce's Hat yet again. I now have my 15mm figures finished.

These several units of the Albion Defense Force. On the left we have the Red Platoon. They are made up of 4 Rifle squads, of 1 NCO, 4 riflemen and an SAW, and 1 command squad, of 1 Lieutenant, 1 Sergeant, 1 radio operator, 1 medic and 2 riflemen. In the centre we have 2 snipers, 2 Power Armour Squads and 2 special forces squads. On the right we have the Blue Platoon which is as the red squad, but currently only has 3 rifle squads. Behind are 2 hover APCs, a command APC, a heavy hover Tank and a light scout Tank.

With these hopefully I shall be able to give Ruarigh a battle or three over the month. We shall start this week, with a try out of the Stargrunt II rules, from Ground Zero Games. Over the next few weeks we also hope to try Beamstrike, Imperial Commander and Laserburn.

For this month I shall be catching up on painting Wargods of Aegyptus figures and also scenery to finish an ongoing game from last year.

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  1. About bleeding time, Steve! :-) Looking good though. I am definitely out-gunned. Time to draft in some extra help, methinks.