Friday, 17 April 2009

April's Project

For April I will be working on 15mm Sci-Fi figures. In May, Ruarigh and I, will then be trying a selection of rulesets with these figures. At the moment we are looking at Stargrunt, Laserburn and Beamstrike, although we have between us several more set of rules, but they will have to wait.

Figures to paint

57 Infantry
3 Hover APCs
2 Hover Tanks (Large and small)
1 Grav Tank
1 Half Track

I currently have 13 painted infantry.

All the figures and most of the vehicles are from Ground Zero Games. The half track I have no idea who made, it was picked up second hand at a show.

I also have quite a few other 15mm Sci-Fi figures which I may try to get painted as well, in particular the new figures from GZG, Alien Mercenaries and Free Traders.


  1. I love the 15mm GZG and have my own collection I need to start painting!

    If I could ask: What size washer are you mounting the troops on? Half-inch?

    I have a bunch of 3/4" washers but they seem a little to big.

    Kosta K.