Monday, 2 March 2009

March Already

Well I managed to finish the British Colonial troops in February, so 2 VPs to me. I did however buy some more British Colonials from Black Hat Miniatures. Hopefully I shall get a photo of the finished soldiers on the blog sometime this week. We shall also be playing the first scenario from the Space 1889: Soldier's Companion this week, so the British Colonial will have their first run out.

We finally managed to have our game of Warrior Heroes: Armies and Adventures. A good couple of games, with both being close run battles, which could have easily gone either way. For a full review of the games and photos see Ruairgh's blog, The Ooh Shiny Complex.

This month we move down a scale again and I will be painting a 6mm Teutonic army, so that's more black, white and silver paint. We then plan to use these to play the old Warrior Heroes mass combat rules.



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