Monday, 30 March 2009

April is coming

Well April is nearly over and I haven't finished my month's project yet, of 6mm Teutonic Knights. Hopefully I shall get them finished this week, as I have a couple of days away with work and so will be packing my travelling paint kit.

I did however manage to get some photos taken. Below is the painted 15mm British Colonial Troops from February, complete with my latest purchases. I went into the local model/railway shop and they had alot of second hand buildings, several of which I thought would suit a 15mm VSF game. Altogether they came to just over a tenner.
This weekend I can't see me being too frugal as I shall be attending Triples on the Saturday, with a shopping list of things to buy. As next month we are painting 15mm Sci-Fi, I feel I shall have to visit Ground Zero Games and buy some of their new figures, the NAC and Alien Mercenaries. I also have a few more 6mm figures I need from Irregular to complete my Brethren Army.
As I said next month is 15mm Sci-Fi, so come May we will be trying a variety of rules. On the list at the moment are Stargrunt II, Beamstrike and Laserburn/Imperial Commander, I'm sure more will be added as the month progresses.

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  1. Better hurry up with the Teutonic types, Steve, or you will be wearing a dunce's cap! :-)
    The thank looks good, but I reckon that your British have me completely outgunned now. I pity my poor Martians.