Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Game Report - Tusk II Capture King Kong

I managed to have a solo game of Tusk II Capture King Kong tonight. I've played a couple of games of Tusk before, so knew the basic game. Tusk II adds a few new parts to the game.
Here's the board layout with Kong at the side by the wall. Captain Peppard C Thrushmore and his Swedish 1st mate Olaf Kumhardy are escaping from Kong with the lovely Ann de Sandneys. Coming to their aid are two companies of sailors and a couple of groups of native warriors.
On the first turn I roll a five on the action points. This allows me to move 5 units. Ann heads towards the sailors and away from Kong. While the Captain, Olaf, sailors and natives head towards Kong. Kong rolls on the reaction table and charges towards Olaf. Also on the reaction table the domestic animals are split with one group grazing, while the others run away.
Turn 2 I roll a 1 on the action points and move one unit of sailors. The Captain throws a gas grenade, this attack has no effect on Kong, but he does retreat back to the gate.
The wind blows the gas cloud on the next turn. Unfortunately Olaf is in the way and is promptly knocked out. The Captain shoots at Kong, causing him to retreat beyond the gate. The next turn the wind has changed and blows the gas cloud onto Kong, this time knocking him out
All in all a fun game and all done in an hour. There was a little flitting between books for the right tables and in future I'll probably combine them on a single sheet.
I've also got Tusk III and the Exterminate! set in 15mm, this sets the Professor and Queen Elizabeth against robotic dustbins. Hopefully I'll soon have these painted and another report coming soon.

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  1. Hi. I really want a copy of Tusk II rules, but i cannot find an online store that shippment to México City. Could you please your copy with me by email or dropbox? Ill be very apreciated. thnx!