Friday, 6 May 2011

Aeronefs Over the Aegean

One of my purchases at Salute this year was the 'Aeronefs over the Aegean' set from Brigade Models. We've had a couple of games of Aeronef and the rules are simple to use, but a fun game. As you can see you get quite a few models for your money. All credit to Brigade as when I unpacked the set at home I found a couple of pieces missing, these were promptly posted to me along with an extra Aerostat.

This shows the full set with the Hungarian Battle Cruiser the Syren in the lead followed by the Turkish navy.
I decided to mount the aeroplanes on individual wires, rather than on the group base provided and I think this gives a better effect.

The only changes I'm going to make are to reduce the length of the Aerostat masts as they look a little like flying submarines. I now have a little terrain to build and we'll be ready to play the game hopefully sometime in June. In the meantime it's back to the Towton figures.