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Searchers of the Lost Uraei Episode 2 - That Sinking Feeling

Searchers of the Lost Uraei
Episode 2 – That Sinking Feeling

Following the route given to you, you head further South along the Nile and into Nubia. As you enter a lush valley one of your scouts returns dragging a cowering native. After a brief questioning you discover that the person you need to speak to is hiding in the nearby swamp. The swamp is only accessible to a small group, so you head into the swamp with just your closest allies (i.e. characters).

The native with the information is hidden in the swamp beneath a large tree, but is protected by a magical barrier. To allow friends to pass through the barrier there are 3 parts of a key hidden in the swamp. To pass through you must have at least one piece and pass an arcane save, having two pieces gives a +2 for the test and 3 pieces allows you through automatically. There are also some traps and a couple of crabs in the swamp.

Crab Stats

Mv 4 Wnd 2
#Att 2 Att 6
Def 4 Mis 0
Arc 8 Dis 8
AC 8 DM 2


On a roll of 10 the opponent is caught by a claw and will suffer two wounds, subject to armour save, only one armour save. To free themselves they must make a successful attack. Once it appears the crab is given a command counter by each player and whoever actviates it first uses their counter, the other is then removed. While in close combat the crab can only be issued ‘Hold’ counters.

Movement is normal on the islands and bridges. If you wish to move through the swamp, it is at half move and each turn a movement save must be made. Those in no or light armour make the test as normal, those in medium armour at -2 and those in heavy at -4. The first failure means you are stuck in the swamp, every consecutive failure afterwards costs one wound as you slowly drown. Even normally amphibious creatures such as Sebeki are sucked into the swamp, they do get +1 to their save.

If your opponent is within 1” of the swamp a successful attack can be used to throw the opponent in the swamp, no armour save is given. Once a character is thrown into the swamp they are moved 1” away from their opponent and combat is broken. You cannot attempt to get out the swamp and fight, so each round in the swamp you need to make a movement save to keep your head above water, but do not move. A character is the swamp fights at -2 to Att & Def.


1. Magical piece 2. Magical piece
3. Magical piece 4. Nothing
5. Nothing 6. Nothing
7. Slip into Swamp, movement save required to avoid.
8. Slip into Swamp, movement save required to avoid.
9. Crab 10. Crab


The winner is the first to get a character into the magical area.
The initial set up of the game with Ruarigh's Basti on the left and my Heru on the right. The two crabs floating around in the centre.
Both Master and Mistress of Words cast 'Earth's Farewell' and fly to tokens, both pick slip into the swamp, fail their movement saves and fall into the swamp.

Mazahs managed to clamber out of the swamp, while Meritbastet seemed unable to get out of the swamp that easily. The Basti however quickly found two of the magical pieces, to the Heru's none. The Basti soon find a crab which blocks their path and they have to fight it. The Heru also find a crab and it took a long battle before Fang the Anubi eventually killed it only to be killed by an arrow the next turn.

After killing the crab Emuishere and her followers raced on to the goal. While the Heru and Anubi seemed unable to kill their crab. Oussaprittay raced round on his shining chariot to cut off the magical grove.

The Mazahs, the Heru Master of Words flew in to attack Meritbastet, the Basti Mistress of Words, using 'Earth's Farewell, but was defeated leaving it up to the Heru champion to kill her. Here is were the Basti missile ability came into play with several javelins finding their targets amongst the Heru warband. Oussaprittay pushed the Blade Dancer out of the way and was killed by Emuishere in Provocation, having taken too many wounds earlier in the game. The rest of the warband was quickly despatched. Emuishere couldn't however save her Blade Dancer who disappeared into the swamp just as she reached her.
This left Emuishere to collect the information on the location of the Nekharu warband with the last of the Uraei. Excellent game and close up to the finish. So Emuishere goes into the fianl episode of Searchers... at Ka 3.

Wargods is a very good set of rules and well worth playing. The figures are well sculpted, although we could wish for more of certain races to be produced.

Next up is Tusk and a game of Pirates.

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  1. Those are fine looking Basti types, Steve. No wonder they won! :-) Looking forward to the next session.